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Call Tracking

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Raweb Solutions offers to their all clients with an efficient and workable Call Tracking Solution. Thus, our platform provides you with monitoring, recording, measuring and scoring the calls generate through our advertising efforts. With the help of dynamic phone number insertion, Raweb Solutions offers you with low cost per call data for all your campaigns.

Our software platform is approachable to all of our clients. With a private login screen you will able to listen to phone calls as they exist in real time. Hence, all data of phone call is link to your Google analytics profile. Thus, phone calls will see as goals within your analytics reporting package. As a result, it’s easy to define exact cost of each call. Also, ROI from Adwords will also manage by us.

Call Tracking calculate the affect of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales. Thus, it was come from evidence marketers’ wish. So that it increases the visibility into lead sources.

Therefore, all leads and sales came from simple online form conversions which will provide large amount of ROI.Most of the industries such as travel, healthcare, automotive, financial services, and B2B technology follow the same method.

Thus, large amount of leads and sales are done with the help of telephone. Hence, without call tacking, our performance will affect in negative way. When lead sees a telephone number in an ad and wills to dial, the insight performance of that ad affects and removes the errors.

Companies who are using car tracking can create local or toll-free phone numbers with the click of a button at a very low cost. Those companies who purchases numbers from traditional phone carriers, the process is useless short of a revolution.

Thus, nicknames can give to many numbers, labels and tags. As a result, it becomes easy to search and track.On the other hand, marketers give unique numbers with particular marketing engagements.

It consists of TV or radio ads, conference print collateral, social media ads and search keywords. With the help of it, when customer calls, unique number report. Thus, ad source will help to find this issue and search that phone number.

Raweb Solutions car tracking services are very useful for companies who avail our services. With our unique number services, marketers can perform their activities in best way.

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