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Franchise Marketing

Raweb Solutions are experts in managing Google search, re marketing, display and YouTube advertising campaigns. Thus, we offer a complete digital marketing solution that build and promote your franchise. As a result, it creates qualified leads at both ends (franchisee and franchisor level).


Every day, our microsites and AdWords campaigns build thousands of leads for clients. Hence, our clients are located in Canada, USA, UK, South Africa, Mexico, Chile and Australia.


Our experts have clear understanding of the marketing needs for both the franchisee and franchisor. Thus, we are experts in maintaining the standard of brands across the franchise network. Also, we allows for customization at the franchisee level. Hence, we provides a creative tools for managing all franchise campaigns. Also, we provide you to gain a competitive point against your competitors. Thus, we are providing targeted and efficient lead generation.

You may run with many of problems as a franchise owner daily in your digital marketing plans. Thus, it is very uncommon challenge. In fact, franchise marketing is one of the difficult ways to split in the online marketing world. Here comes why? You’ve not only got franchise marketing on the corporate level, but also franchisees to own local issues, goals, and marketing strategies.

Now, Blue Corona’s specialties are including in this franchise marketing. Raweb Solutions not only helps franchisees and franchisors to find the waters of digital marketing, but provides them best results.

In past, franchise marketing includes platforms which consist of print advertising, TV advertising, radio, direct mail and PR. In this advanced world, the technology is shifted towards online. Thus, the top platforms are SEO, PPC, social media, video, and local search engine marketing. Hence, shifting of this digital technology makes franchises in trouble.

Let’s take an example; our franchisee client relies on the corporate site to generate local leads. Thus, to grow their online presence and grasp even more local leads, our client is interesting in creating marketing a website of their own. However, they were afraid that doing so would simply error the leads that constantly came in through the corporate efforts.

Hence, Raweb Solutions are having experts that can make franchise market unique and credible. We know all the issue which are faced by franchisee and franchisor. Thus, our solutions are proof to be helpful for franchise and franchisor. Thus, they develop their market and create loyal customers through our solutions.

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