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Google Local Services

Reliable Google Local Services By Raweb Solutions:

With the help of Local Services ads, you can create awareness of your business on Google. Thus, it’s very important to create awareness of your business. Hence, you can receive responses from potential customers without any kind of hurdle. Thus, you can calculate the response rate. Thus, these leads may generate from phone calls and messages sent through your Local Services ads by Google app. Hence, you can depend upon messages and track bookings.  As a result, anytime, you can manage lead through online and app (Android, iOS).

A local Services Advertiser Includes:

  • Google Shield Google Guaranteed Badge
  • Premium promotion
  • Polished profile page with real reviews

The above three points will help you to build best online reputation.

Cost Criteria of local Service Provider:

You only pay for leads relate to your business or the services you offer with Local Services ads. Thus, it includes the following work:

You can calculate your weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you get in any given week.

You may get an unalike number of leads from day to day. Hence, once you decide your budget, cannot spend more than of it.

The leads that are not valid, you can dispute them. Hence, you have that ability to make that lead useless.


Advertisers who use Local Services ads are charge for each lead they will receive. Thus, the prices of lead may change. It depends upon the type of job and the type of lead you will receive. Hence, each lead you receive will add towards your weekly budget. Thus, you will never able to pay for more leads than the amount you mention in your weekly budget.

Raweb solution take care of your business. Most of all as we deal every kind of business in daily life. But, we also deliver our best solution so that business can feel the difference finally.

Google Local Services - Raweb Solutions

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Google Local Services
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