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Project Description

Locksmith Fremont

Locksmith Fremont Got The Best Services From Raweb Solutions

Locksmith Fremont came to Raweb Solutions to appear on top search ranks. They needed to set up new chapters all over the Fremont. And they needed a unique Web Development with the locksmith theme.

Raweb Solutions built a SEO oriented, user-friendly website to attract customers. Keep them on the site, and compel them to call in one visit. In all aspects, we considered user need, expectations and habits. Something a non-expert just can’t do.

Users also need the option to navigate a website as streamline as possible. We placed all site content on a continuous scrolling page. Users are encourage to browse through the information they want. And continue through the additional informative content.

We have place our numbers on many key points on the website. This will help visitors to directly call us. Customers are encouraged to call because the contact button is always accessible. So users won’t have to navigate to the contact information. Manually open a different app or enter a phone number encourage the customer to call.

What the customer thinks about us:

We were afraid that prices would be high for SEO and Web Development in California. since it’s basically the tech capital of the world. But there actually were some reasonable quotes from smaller companies out there. Finally I decided to try Raweb Solutions and they really came through. I would definitely recommend Raweb Solutions. Not only did they build me a great website. But they also helped me find ways to market it so people could find me more easily.

So besides SEO and web development they helped me to setup a PPC (Google Adwords) campaign. Which was pretty successful. I didn’t know that SEO can be that profitable. I always thought it was waste of money. I’m really happy with these guys, so if you’re looking for a website for your small business, you may want to give them a try.

Locksmith Fremont
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