AdSense VS AdWords

//AdSense VS AdWords

Google has two very well-known business products that are known as AdSense and AdWords. For someone new to the internet marketing field they can be a little confusing to understand. So what are the differences?

AdSense is focused towards website owners and allows them to earn money by placing Google ads on their array of sites. So for example, once you sign up and get approved all you do is add some HTML code to your site and the crawlers should automatically be able to do the rest. What they will do is to find out what your site is about by looking at the content and theme. It will then find all relevant advertisers and place their ads on your site. Now let’s say a visitor find your site and clicks on an ad it find useful, you will now get a portion of the revenue that Google has generated. How much depends on many factors but the higher the quality of your site, the more chance you have of earning money.

As a publisher, you are trying to create a site that offers quality value content but also one of your main focuses will be to earn revenue by using means such as search engine optimisation (SEO) since this is the most cost effective way to build up your AdSense business.

Once a publisher site gets approved, it then becomes part of the ever growing ‘content network’ which is Google’s huge list of websites from all around the world covering pretty much every subject on the planet.

The AdWords system primarily concentrates on advertisers that want to promote their products or services. Using a ‘cost per click’ or bidding based system, advertisers can get themselves to the top of the ‘sponsored listings’ and hopefully drive targeted traffic into sales or leads. They do this by creating an inventory of keywords they think are relevant to their product offering. They then create catchy titles and descriptions in the hope that they will capture the eye of the visitor. An example of AdWords are the ‘sponsored listings’ that show up on Google’s search results.

Hopefully this should now be clear. To summarize, AdSense is for site owners who wish to place ads to earn money whereas AdWords is for advertisers who are selling a product and/or service and want to drive sales or leads.

AdSense VS AdWords
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