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Re marketing is the best form of Online Display advertising that can able your company to show target and mark ads to customers who have just previously view your website.

These ads will show in traditional advertising spaces when your customers browse websites on Google’s Content Network. Thus, now you can engage a large number of customers. As a result, website visitors will see your targeted ads. Hence, your brand is at top of mind when they’re ready to buy anything.

With the help of re marketing, you can show Google ads Services to your previous site visitors. Thus, they browse large number of Google partner sites in the Google Display Network.

When you are starting your first remarketing campaign Google recommends you to start by targeting everyone who ever view your homepage. Thus, this thing must be kept in mind that will increase your Google remarketing costs. Since, your ads are being retargeted to many people so you are not being able to create ads that are similar as target. Hence, you can increase ad relevancy and low your cost per click by targeting more narrowly.

Therefore, you can make different Google remarketing record for super-targeted remarketing campaigns. Let’s take an example, you can differentiate user from non user. Thus, you can choose to show users who have already purchased from your site different ads from non users.


People are spending a lot of time on Face book knowing many new things from it. Thus, face book is an important medium if you take advantage from it.

Facebook Remarketing help you reach those customers and prospects with target Right Column and native ads in the Face book News Feed. Even, if people are using face book on mobile. It’s a great way to increase the reach of your remarketing campaigns and promote your business to people.

Hence, Facebook remarketing works same as Google AdWords remarketing.  Your ads must show on Face book rather than showing your ads across websites within the Display Network.

Facebook also cite to remarketing as “Custom Audiences.” The concept is similar as that of remarketing. People who visits your site or interacts with your brand, they’re tag with a code you apply to track them. Thus, when people are scrolling through their Facebook feed, your ad pops up to recall them what they’re forgetting.

Raweb solution team Re-marketing of your business. Most of all as we deal every kind of business in daily life. But, we also deliver our best solution so that business can feel the difference finally.

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