What Is Social Media Marketing?

//What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

The question people look for on the web is “what is social media marketing?” Many people should first know what these web-pages are? Social media, in simpler terms, is communicating or sharing to people or the public through the web or on a mobile device. People share gossip, ideas, news, or anything they wish to share to one another. The most popular forms of social sites are blogs, forums, and social network sites, like Facebook.

How does marketing fit in with social media? People who are users of Facebook and twitter always talk to one another through messaging. They talk about anything from who’s wearing what to interior decorating and so on. Marketers can put their ad on these sites and before you know it your product or service will go viral in minutes. Twitter allows people to post a micro-blog entry or a tweet. A person might tweet about a new pair of shoes they bought by posting the link of the product in their entry. Facebook works pretty much the same way except through more than just a link, but videos, advertisements, and photos.

What is social media marketing to large businesses? Large companies like Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and other businesses use these sites for marketing purposes. If businesses have their own Facebook page they can easily promote their products and services. When a person sees that company’s page they will become fans of that page and refer other people to see them on Facebook. Marketing for twitter is pretty much the same as Facebook. Companies that who use twitter will put an entry, or tweet on their account for any new products or services that they just released.

Social network marketing has also become very efficient and mobile. What is social media marketing to mobile devices? Cell phones and computer tablets, also known as touch pads, been used many times for these websites. When you are away from your computer or laptop they are proven very efficient. This makes marketing easier than ever. Imagine a person who is going shopping and has their phone on them. If they are looking for some sales going on at target they can just simply go their Facebook or twitter page and look there.

Social media marketing has taken internet marketing to a whole new level. Before, ads got displayed on major search engines like Google, yahoo and others. Today, social sites are the new marketing platform for marketers. What is social media marketing? It is the next best thing in online marketing.

What Is Social Media Marketing?
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