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Basic DNS Explained

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Thus, it is a very difficult part of learning how to configure websites and servers. It is important to understand the working of DNS. Thus, it will help you to diagnose problems with access to your websites. Hence, it will help you to understand about the inside working basic DNS Explained.

This guide will explains you about the basic points of DNS.  After understanding this, you will able to set up the domain names and DNS servers.

Basic Concepts:

Terminology of Domains:

Start by defining your terms. Thus, these can familiar with other context. There are a lot of terms uses to define domain names and DNS.

Easy starting:

Name of Domain:

With the help of domain name, you can create human friendly names with unique addresses.

The URL must connect with the servers own by Google Inc. Thus, with the help of domain name system, you can reach the Google servers.

IP Address

An IP address tells the network addressable location. Thus, each IP address must be different within its network.

IPv4 is the most common form of addresses. Thus, it is written as four sets of numbers.  Each set is having up to three digits which are separate by a dot. For example, is a valid IPv4 IP address.

Top-Level Domain

A top-level domain is the most common part of the domain. Thus, the top-level domain is the furthest part to the right (which is separate by dot). Common top-level domains includes com, net, org, gov, edu and iu.

Top-level domains are present at the top of hierarchy in terms of domain names. Thus, many parties are assigning management control over top-level domains through ICANN. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. These parties can give domain names with the TLD, usually with a domain registrar.


The domain owner can make individual hosts within a domain. Thus, it refers to part computers or services accessible through a domain. For example, most domain owners create their web servers access via the bare domain ( In addition to that, domain owners can also create through the host definition (

You can get many host definitions under the general domain. Thus, you could have API access with an api host ( Or you could have ftp access by explain a host known as ftp Hence, The host names can be arbitrary as long as they are different for he domain.

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