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Word Press Security

WordPress security may be called as “hardening”. Since, the security process is like adding support to your castle. Thus, it’s all about stronger the gates and putting security locks on every tower.

But that term will not define you to realize the details that help in improving site security.

If you have not taken step to improve your site security, you are lacking some important things. Hence, it’s just like you are not having familiarity. Also, you are missing some important tips which are use in security terms. Hence, it also look like plugins that will make your job complete. But, we are not going to discuss these things today.

Need of WordPress Security

The themes and plugins must be up-to-date. Thus, as like you update the Secure WordPress site Core regularly, you also need to update plugins and themes. Therefore, each plugin and theme that is installed on your site is like a backdoor into your site’s admin. Unless they are properly secure, plugins and themes are like an open door to your personal info.

Delete all those plugins or themes that you’re not using. Also, remove all those plugins that you not need. As a result, you will become secure from hacking. Hence, if you’re not using them, you’re not going to want to update them, so it’s better to delete them. Also, deactivating plugins is not a complete task, you must actually click “Delete.”

Download plugins and themes from authentic sources. Thus, it is good to download plugins and themes from are actually your best way. Since these themes will properly scan before being acceptable to the Theme Directory or Plugin Directory. If you want a high quality theme or

plugin, just download them from reputable sources. Hence, these sources include Themeforest or from a high developer’s website.

Change the file permissions. Thus, avoid configuring directories with permissions that consist of 777. It is good to go for 755 or 750, instead, according to  When you select directories then set files to 640 or 644 and wp-config.php to 600.

Avoid using “admin” as a username. If you install already WordPress using “admin” as your username or something else very simple, you can change it. Thus, you have to input an SQL query in PHP MyAdmin.

Your password must be good and not easy to guess. Thus, it is good to use random strings of letters and numbers.

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