Search Engine Optimization Pyramid

//Search Engine Optimization Pyramid

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process to increase the visitors on website by ensuring that it appears high in search engine’s search result. It involves strategies, techniques and tactics. This helps rank a website high on the following search engines. These include such as google, bing and yahoo also. This blog post features the Search Engine Optimization Pyramid. It breaks down the four main areas that effect how well your website ranks. The following areas are being discussed below in accordance to their importance. However the base of Search Engine Optimization Pyramid is the highest importance part, and tip being the lowest importance.

Below is the brief description about four areas in Search Engine Optimization Pyramid mean:

Design and Content

Make sure the user is experience who is using your website. This also takes into account useful content, good design and simple navigation. In April 2015, google announced that it will provide mobile research. Measure the quality of the website content by looking at bounce rates. Average time on website and website loading time measures are also used.


The google will determine what to show in its search result is through keyword matching. Before you post your blog, think what people will be going to search and which word they use in search bars. Your blog must be visible on top when you search it. Optimize your page by putting accurate keyword. However label your photos and videos correct.


In spite of quality links to your web page, it will improve its SEO. There are good and bad ways to create a links known as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Pyramid includes creating good content in the form of blog post, videos or infographics.  Also other good ways are writing guest posts on other people websites. Getting links of association you are part of. Getting links from supplier and getting links from businesses. Bad ways of creating links would be to buy the link, using SPAM to create links and other creative methods. Black Hat SEO’s are not encouraged by search engines. Search engine trying to charge penalty on these types of sites.

Social Media

From few years, search engines have consider social media. These also include comment, retweet, repins and shares. The thing you can also do on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram also.

Before you start SEO work, identify the goals of your website. Who is your website for? What do you want them to do on your website? And what measures you would take to see whether your website is successful or not? These strategies on the other hand will help you to achieve website goals.

Once you have identified your list of goals, than you can develop SEO strategy.

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This blog post features the SEO pyramid. It breaks down the four main areas that effect how well your website ranks.

Search Engine Optimization Pyramid
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