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//What is Microsite Design

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Microsites are hard to define and it covers a wide range of media. They are also content site that lives outside the company homepage. Some marketers will explain between microsite and a branded vertical. Microsites exist on separate URL and branded verticals live on the main company URL SEO. To us their difference is not important but both have the same aims and their plans are same.

Microsites Can Take Many Forms

Some of these are important such as specialized blogs.

Infographics are the type of microsites. However its also interactivity and its function is not rely of the main website. They can also deviate attention to an issue, cause, or topic.
Some are interactive experiences. That take benefit of recent gamification area in market also. The game design also often adds value link with the brand.
Campaign-based microsite serves the main part of marketing campaign. As marketing channels push traffic to the site in hope to achieve the desire aims.

Why Companies Make Microsites?

There are various reasons why companies invest in microsites. However many companies website sometimes feel small in size. With only same menu bar. The standardization is actually a good thing. but it also sometimes cut off company abilities to experiment and give ideas.

The following are the aims a microsite can achieve:

  • Reach a new as well as decided viewers area
  • Allow a user action too
  • Create the understanding about a new product launch

Benefits of Microsites

  1. It creates brand understanding also
  2. Adds SEO value too
  3. Increases customer participation also
  4. Create new head
  5. Also shows subject skill
  6. It guides your business and value better equally

Is a Microsite Right For You?

It is not for all. It gives many businesses in a more scale of industries. Raweb Solutions  helps Microsite can provide your marketing aims and business strategy.

Need Microsite Design ? You searched and found?

Why Raweb Solutions?

Now after we explain to you what the big power of Microsite is, we will tell you more about our company.

We in Raweb Solutions offers Microsite Design with Results!

What is Microsite Design
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